Discover the Advantages of a Condensing or Steam Boiler Installation or repair in North Reading, MA and all surrounding areas

Replace your old boiler with an ENERGY STAR-certified unit

Most boilers last about 10-15 years. When it's time to consider a new boiler installation, you'll first want to find a reliable heating and plumbing contractor in North Reading, MA serving all surrounding areas. If you hire someone inexperienced or sloppy, you could end up paying the price with costly repairs in the future.

When you hire J Griffin Heating & Plumbing to replace or repair your boiler, you'll receive exceptional work and excellent customer service. We work quickly and efficiently and strive to make your boiler installation as affordable as possible.

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Discover the benefits of a condensing boiler

When searching for a new boiler, don't overlook the amazing benefits of a condensing boiler. You'll be happy to learn that J Griffin Heating & Plumbing is a Navien-certified boiler technician, and we stand by the efficiency of their highly-rated products. A Navien condensing boiler:

  • Has an easy-to-use control panel
  • Has low noise levels and high flow rates
  • Is the most efficient replacement option
  • Resists corrosion with its stainless-steel design
  • Provides a 10-year heat exchange warranty
Don't settle for an average or inefficient boiler. Call J Griffin Heating & Plumbing today to reap the benefits of a Navien condensing boiler in North Reading, MA.

Some of the Makes and Models We Service:

Weil McClain
HB Smith
Triangle Tube (ACV)